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Award-winning keepsake books and baby record books with photo frames to add your own photos.

JJ Gift Books was set up by myself, Lida Wyatt. Back in 2014 I was looking for an extra-special gift that our adorable son James could give to his daddy, my husband James, for Father’s Day. Their relationship is so magical that this gift needed to reflect their beautiful father-and-son bond. As my son loved books and looking at pictures of himself and his dad, I thought it would be wonderful to get a book that celebrated the relationship between Daddy and baby and that they could insert some of their own photos into. After much searching online, I discovered that no such book was available. The only option was to produce my own scrapbook containing their photos, accompanied by sweet rhymes that depicted the day-to-day activities they loved to do together. My husband loved this book so much that it brought him to tears! They both love reading the book together. I was really determined to bring this joy to all children and parents out there and enable them to capture their special memories in this way.I was lucky enough to meet a London-based graduate artist, Anya Krupa, who has done beautiful illustrations for our books. A year later our first book, “Daddy, I Love You!”, was published. The company was named “JJ Gift Books” after my son James and my husband James, as it was thanks to them and their beautiful relationship that I have been driven to create our unique keepsake books.We were so grateful to be awarded two gold awards for this book by Loved by Parents for Best Baby Book and Best Baby Keepsake 2016.
Of course, we couldn’t leave out the incredible mummies, so we created the “Mummy, I Love You!” book to celebrate the wonderful care and love of all the mummies out there.The very same year we also created and published First Year’s Memory Books to capture all the amazing milestones of baby girls’ and baby boys’ first year. These books were inspired by my love for my children. At that time we were expecting our beautiful baby girl, Lily, and I wanted to create a baby records book to show all our love for our babies and also to record the amazing milestones and remember those special moments forever. Of course, the books needed to have photo sleeves in them too so we could admire our sweet baby photos. As we also have older children – Kaitlin and Denis, who are now teenagers – we know how quickly children grow up and how important it is to record all the special memories so that they live on forever.
We are looking forward to extending our series by creating gift books for all the wonderful nannies, grandads, sisters, brothers and many more, so we can spread the love and joy across the whole family.
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